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Corporate strategies of Skanska Construction

Corporate procedures of Skanska Construction Key arranging and key administration have pulled in proceeding with enthusiasm from the two scientists and administrators over past decades. Key dynamic albeit as of late considered in the development business is one of the key drivers of accomplishment. Since development is a venture based and profoundly divided industry, corporate systems are hard to create. Studies so far point out the noteworthiness of undertaking the board abilities in conveying fruitful tasks, anyway the hierarchical execution vigorously depend on the viability of the vital choices made by the organizations dependent on their serious assets and the economic situations where they work. In this work, a world-realized development organization, Skanska Construction from Sweden, is taken as a case and its corporate systems along with its serious assets are investigated. Future headings for the organization are examined in the light of the difficulties looked by the organization. Catchphrases: Corporate procedure, development industry, vital investigation. Presentation It is commonly viewed as that advanced associations ought to grow long haul systems notwithstanding an undeniably powerful and serious world. Watchman (1980, 1985) recommended that an organization needs to build up a serious methodology so as to accomplish upper hand in a market economy. System has developed from an act of military administrators and corporate officials into the field of the executives science. It has delighted in commitments from different trains, for example, financial matters, authoritative human science, political theory and psychological brain research (Rumelt et al., 1994). Contrasting points of view of procedure advancement and execution have developed, fixating by and large on ones perspective on the limit and intentions of people and associations (Whittington, 2001). Standard key examinations, in any case, have not normally thought about the development business, and regular idea inside the business has frequently made light of strategys importance. Procedure is characterized as an arrangement, design, position, point of view, and ploy (Mintzberg et al., 1998). Its noteworthy impact on execution is shown experimentally in the writing (Porter, 1980). Underscoring the significance of vital choice, Child (1972) additionally expressed that organizations can accomplish higher authoritative execution by embracing diverse serious situating options dependent on key choices. Recently, development industry analysts have changed this observation somewhat as distributions in regards to vital administration have expanded. Warszawski (1996) sketched out a methodological methodology for key arranging in development organizations. Filling in as to some degree a preliminary to development experts on the theme, he examined the meaning of companys crucial, importance of business condition, and a wide blueprint of the means associated with breaking down a companys assets. His elaboration on the advancement of serious system depended to a great extent on Porters (1980) hypothesis of nonexclusive methodology. Chinowsky and Meredith (2000) led a study to distinguish territories of vital worry that development associations need to underline. Venegas and Alarcon (1997) were the first to propose a streamlined model of factors influencing key choices before prescribing a scientific model to anticipate the effect of the choices. In this paper, the corporate techniques of a very notable Swedish development organization, Skanska Construction, will be dissected. In doing as such, above all else the parts of corporate methodology will be examined dependent on a writing audit. The exhibition models that analyzed the significance of methodologies and serious assets will likewise be incorporated as a piece of this examination. The significant area will manage Skanskas achievement dependent on its corporate procedures and serious assets. Additionally, the outer elements including the economic situations together will be examined alongside the future headings of the organization. CORPORATE STRATEGY IN CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY Corporate Strategy Cheah and Garvin (2004) built up a system to characterize corporate procedure. The model partitions corporate system into seven vital fields as appeared in Figure 1. Every single key field properly are discrete, significant parts inside the domain of corporate technique. While some vital models, for example, Porters (1985) esteem chain idea rewarded exercises like human asset (HR) the board only as supporting exercises, this model gives these key fields a role as unmistakable regions since they have at present developed into disciplines requiring separate arranging and execution. As proof, most business colleges at present offer separate courses for every one of these fields after a general treatment of the subject of vital administration. Figure 1: Framework for corporate procedure (Cheah and Garvin, 2004) The accompanying segments sum up the elements of corporate methodology being HR technique, monetary system, business procedure, operational system, IT procedure, showcasing system, and innovation system. HR technique Basically, HR technique is progressively worried about the parts of overseeing human resources of an association. HR procedure manages (Cheah and Garvin, 2004): work force the executives (for example preparing programs; work turn among capacities and land locales); mechanical relations (for example work law; association the executives relationship; exchange strategies and methodology); impetuses and remuneration strategies and frameworks; and rebuilding concerns (for example scaling back). The objective of HR methodology is to have a viable framework for acquiring (selecting), preparing, assembling and dealing with the human resources of an association to deliberately do business tasks and new pursuits. Money related methodology There are two key viewpoints in budgetary methodology: speculation choices and financing choices. During venture choices, firms are stood up to with the difficulties of capital planning and monetary asset assignment. So as to settle on better choices, administrators must choose the proper instruments for venture examination and assessment, which incorporate, yet are not constrained to, the net present worth (NPV) strategy, choice tree investigation, streamlining, portfolio arranging and genuine choice valuation. Behind these devices lies a typical and essential standard of adjusting danger and return (Cheah and Garvin, 2004). Financing choices, then again, are worried about issues of capital structure. In giving the point by point mechanics, Grinblatt and Titman (1998) indicated how speculation and financing choices could affect the corporate methodology all in all. Business system Business system is characterized as procedures embraced to guarantee fruitful endeavors of individual specialty units, though corporate technique is worried about tasks of the whole association. This qualification is clearly reliable with the model, since business procedure is one of the seven center fields of the general structure (Cheah and Garvin, 2004). Business system officially manages the improvement of upper hand and center capabilities. Specifically, Porters (1980, 1985) methods, for example, the assurance of uniqueness and cost drivers, the Five Forces model, and the market division lattice are some normally realized ideas in planning business technique. Operational system Operational system is fundamentally worried about execution and usage how firms deal with their operational procedures to change over various contributions to conclusive items and administrations. These exercises may incorporate inbound and outbound coordinations, acquisition capacities, creation forms for physical items, for example, precast parts, and procedural capacities for administration arrangement. For contractual workers, these exercises are practically equivalent to most extend the executives capacities, for example, material acquirement, development of the physical structure, and the board of work and hardware. Moreover, administration firms use their aptitude and information to help customers in satisfying their needs and objectives, as in arranging, plan and designing capacities (Cheah and Garvin, 2004). IT technique In this applied model, IT methodology is isolated from innovation technique. In particular, IT system centers chiefly around the utilization of innovation to use data to the benefit of a firm. This appears differently in relation to different sorts of innovation advancement when all is said in done. This qualification is supported by the way that data innovation has developed into a different market section and exploration zone since the mid-1990s (Cheah and Garvin, 2004). IT is frequently taken as the driver of corporate methodology. All the more fittingly, it ought to be treated as an empowering agent that interfaces the corporate system of a firm with its operational procedures (Ross and Rockart, 1999). In numerous viewpoints, the current patterns of IT speculation and execution inside the development business despite everything seem to follow unclear objectives. Over and over again, members from the business putting resources into IT (at any rate during introductory stages) have overlooked their unique way of life as firms that give development administrations, subsequently putting their center capabilities in question. Much of the time, these ventures are deficient regarding building up linkages among forms and corporate methodology over the long haul (Cheah and Garvin, 2004). Showcasing technique In assembling and different ventures that sell physical items, the Four Ps (item, value, spot and advancement) in customary advertising the executives stays significant at present, however changes in innovation and IT have reclassified the limit and importance of these segments (Cheah and Garvin, 2004). Despite the fact that development is chiefly administration arranged (aside from providers or merchants who are selling physical items), a large number of these ideas can be applied to chosen portions of the development esteem

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A play Dennis Potter Essay Example for Free

A play Dennis Potter Essay Blue recalled slopes is a play Dennis Potter. The title is taken from the sonnet Shropshire chap by A. E Houseman. It challenges the observation that adolescence is honest and that all youngsters are unadulterated and decent. One of the manners in which he does this is by utilizing grown-ups to play kids so the unreasonableness of the play powers grown-ups to concentrate on the importance of everything going on in the play. The principle significance of the play is engaged around the careless brutality of war and how this influences kids living through it. The style of the play is flared portrayal. The play was initially a TV play for the BBC in 1979. it was set in provincial west nation. For our play we are utilizing splendid lights to show that we are outside. We are likewise going to have a few stones and sticks on the floor to play with to assist us with indicating the children eagerness and steady development. Could kick them and so forth the setting is provincial and in 1943 during the second universal war, this has influenced the kids a ton. There is a great deal of bigot talk about the Ities and the Japs. At that point there are the games, additionally war related. The vast majority of the games spin around firearms and savagery. Finally there is a great deal of gloating that the young men do about what they will do in the military. In this article I am likewise going to allude to my mom said I never ought to by charlotte Keatley and gum and goo by Howard Brenton. Charlotte Keatley was a women's activist author. My mom said I never should was first acted in 1087. In 1987 there were more grounded jobs for ladies and increasingly dynamic women's activist developments in the public eye. The play speaks to the predicament of ladies and how ladies were treated in the public eye, both by men and one another. The scene where the ladies are discussing menstrual issues or the revile as they call it differentiates straightforwardly yet is like when the young men are discussing the war in blue recollected slopes. The two plays show kids examining no-no subjects in an open and indiscreet manner. Howard Brenton play gum and goo was first acted in 1969. Grown-ups didnt comprehend learning difficultys just as they do now, in 1006. Numbness prompts bias and in the long run disaster in gum and goo. This play is about a mentally unbalanced young lady who creates two companions, gum and goo, this character interfaces legitimately to Raymond in blue recalled slopes who has learning challenges, perhaps comparable, however less serious to Michelles chemical imbalance. . Every one of the three plays have grown-ups playing youngsters. This makes a target separation so the falsity of the play is so evident it doesnt permit the crowd to get retained into the play. This was the crowd is compelled to focus on the issues and the tested view of adolescence.

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Sample Autobiography Translated to Spanish Essay Example

Test Autobiography Translated to Spanish Essay I am Mark Alexis Alaban, 18 years youthful. I right now live in Tanza Gua, Roxas City. I’m a third year understudy of the College of Business Management and Accountancy, taking Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, concentrating in Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion. I was conceived in a modest community of Tanza Gua and was a homestead field behind my home. I invested the vast majority of my energy playing outside with the local kids. In my family, I have one sibling who is eleven years more established than me. I truly value the way that I have a housewife and father. It was ideal to get back home to a house that was not unfilled. My father is an administration representative and my mother is a plain house spouse. For more than 18 years I have been enthusiastic about taking pictures. It’s been my diversion and distraction. Presently, I have chosen to make my own side of the internet to share my affection for photography. My adolescence comprised of an interest of viewing the earth and that is the manner by which I love to invest my energy to take a previews. Photography is my finished presence. I spend endless hours taking a gander at each book and picture. We will compose a custom exposition test on Sample Autobiography Translated to Spanish explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom article test on Sample Autobiography Translated to Spanish explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom article test on Sample Autobiography Translated to Spanish explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer There is nothing in my life aside from photography. We as a whole have inventive capacities; I was raised with no introduction to craftsmanship and grew up accepting that I had no ability. Concerning handling, I go through hours on each picture until I am content with the outcomes. ?I didnt set out to be a picture taker. It only sort of occurred. ?What I can let you know are that I truly love what I do and I invest a ton of energy refining, culminating and in any event, fixating on my work. It is an enthusiasm. ?I relish the chance of being at one with my environmental factors and mean to catch the superb world around me. I love nature, I discover excellence in ordinary things and I appreciate. I think a photography class ought to be a prerequisite in every instructive program since it makes you see the world as opposed to simply take a gander at it. To catch recollections that will endure forever regardless of whether you may not. ? ?I went through portion of my time on earth feeling that a camera was only for catching family depictions or recording occasions. At that point came the day when I understood that a few people use it to make workmanship. I spent the other portion of my life appreciating hose people’s work, persuaded that photography as a craftsmanship was something past my range. By the day's end, I know my energy for this action originates from my delight of â€Å"being one with nature† and having the option to get away from the every day stresses and bothers of work and life. I accept an extraordinary photo can share the experience and an incredible photograph can â€Å"t ell a thousand words† whenever taken appropriately. I guess this is my shameless objective that I endeavor to arrive at each time I get my camera and head out the entryway. Soy Marcos Alexis Alaban, 18 anos joven. Actualmente vivo en Tanza Gua, de Roxas City. Soy un estudiante de tercer ano de la Facultad de Administracion de Empresas y Contabilidad, teniendo Licenciatura en Ciencias en Tecnologia de la Informacion, estudiando en el Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion. Naci en un pequeno pueblo de Tanza Gua y period un campo de cultivo detras de mi casa. Pase la civic chairman parte de mi tiempo jugando afuera con los ninos del barrio. En mi familia, tengo un hermano que es once anos city hall leader que. Realmente aprecio el hecho de que tengo una estancia en la casa madre y el padre. Fue agradable volver a casa an una casa que no estaba vacio. Mi padre es un empleado del gobierno y mi madre es ama de casa ordinary. Desde hace mas de 18 anos he sido un apasionado de la toma de fotografias. Ha sido mi pastime y pasatiempo. Ahora, he decidido crear mi propio rincon del ciberespacio para compartir mi love por la fotografia. Mi infancia consistio en una fascinacion de ver el medio ambiente y asi es como me gusta pasar mi tiempo para tomar unas instantaneas. La fotografia es mi existencia completa. Me paso horas y horas mirando a todos los libros y la imagen. No feed nothing en mi vida, excepto la fotografia. Todos tenemos capacidades creativas; me crie sin exposicion al arte y crecio creyendo que no tenia talento. En cuanto a la transformacion, me paso horas en cada imagen hasta que este satisfecho con los resultados. Yo no tenia la intencion de ser un fotografo. Esto solo sucedio. Lo que puedo decir es que me encanta lo que hago y yo pasamos mucho tiempo refinacion, perfeccionando y hasta obsesionado con mi trabajo. Es una pasion. Me entusiasma la oportunidad de estar en armonia con mi entorno y tratar de capturar el maravilloso mundo que me rodea. Me encanta la naturaleza, encuentro la belleza en las cosas cotidianas y disfrutar yo. Creo que una clase de fotografia deberia ser un requisito en todos los programas educativos, ya que te hace ver el mundo en lugar de solo mirarlo. Para capturar recuerdos que duraran toda la vida, incluso si usted no puede. Pase la mitad de mi vida pensando que una camara period solo para la captura de instantaneas familiares o eventos de grabacion. Entonces llego el dia en que me di cuenta de que algunas personas lo utilizan para crear arte. Me pase la otra mitad de mi vida admirando el trabajo de esa gente, convencida de que la fotografia como arte time algo fuera de mi alcance. Al last del dia, se que mi pasion por esta actividad proviene de mi alegria de ser uno con la naturaleza y ser capaz de escapar de las preocupaciones diarias y los problemas de trabajo y de vida. Creo que una gran fotografia pueden compartir la experiencia y una gran foto se puede decir mas que mil palabras, si se toma correctamente. Supongo que es mi objetivo inmodesto que me esfuerzo para llegar a cada vez que cojo mi camara y la cabeza por la puerta.

BUS475 Final Strategic Plan and Presentation Essay

BUS475 Final Strategic Plan and Presentation - Essay Example Despite the business type set up; it is relevant to welcome the two crucial segments of vital arranging, for example long haul destinations and the comprehensive strategy.These targets and methodologies help the board to predefine hierarchical goals. Long haul destinations allude to results the association looks to accomplish over a specific period, for example, a five-year time frame. Fantastic methodologies, then again, are the careful methodologies that manage authoritative activities planned for meeting the drawn out destinations The foundation of these goals and targets focuses on the firm’s mission, qualities and vision. Some remarkable techniques that empower the accomplishment of HBR’s objectives and dealing with the changing condition incorporate the accompanying: Financial Strategies The spa’s primary target is to turn into the special spa where clients go to upgrade their regular excellence. HBR additionally targets expanding its piece of the pie by in any event 9-12% in the following two years while likewise working on high income and low expenses. HBR will build up strategies to give a harmony between its salary and use. HRB will base its computation of the favored benefits on the assessment of want and value percentiles of benefit. HBR will utilize the system of degree of profitability to amplify the utilization of money related assets and diminish costs effectively. Innovation Strategies In staying aware of current advancements, the spa will accomplish its destinations in a solid way. The firm will ceaselessly overhaul and value the most recent programming data advancements that have colossal effects of the excellence business. These innovations will help HBR to impart precise and auspicious data to all partners. Some imperative data advances, which HBR will have, incorporate intranet organizing, the Internet, email, fax, phones and cell phones. IT methodologies guarantee HBR offers types of assistance to its customers for th e duration of the day. Innovatively, the spa will situate itself deliberately by having the most recent online reservation and installment administrations for occupied experts (Wilson and Gilligan, 2005). Advertising Strategies HBR’s promoting objective is to produce familiarity with the spa and provide food for people with the longing to be spoiled and revive their natural magnificence. HBR targets offering the most ideal magnificence encounters to its clients to guarantee high referrals. HBR plans to be a magnet for both center and high pay workers by giving custom-made bundles to suit their requests and money related capacities (Hitt, Ireland and Hoskisson, 2008). These people may settle on the total magnificence bundle that incorporates a full kelp body clean, facial, nail treatment, pedicure and cosmetics application or a couple of these administrations. Regardless of the bundle customers pick; HBR will offer its customers the most ideal administrations with the most ext reme demonstrable skill. HBR will utilize limited time projects, for example, gift vouchers at sponsored rates, promoting, particularly in internet based life destinations and shopping centers, web based advertising and print and electronic media. The firm will likewise offer complimentary facials to every single new customer to hold them as long as possible. Observing and Controlling In HBR, the execution of key plans is incredibly crucial since control and checking are basic to the exactness of the vital usage plan. Some vital observing and controlling devices incorporate the accompanying: 1. Advancement Behavioral Control System is critical to the excellent exhibition of HBR’s key arrangement. HBR will screen its working system, norms, rules and guidelines. HBR will control the execution of approaches guarding moral and lawful structures and HR. This control program is reasonable in finding out the connection between the exercises of HBR and the results (Wilson and Gilliga n, 2005). 2. Advancement of a quality control framework is likewise a viable checking and

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Understanding How Social Problems Comes About

Understanding How Social Problems Comes AboutUnderstanding how social problems come about is key to developing effective solutions. Here are three of the most common social problems of our time.Child Custody Cases: A child custody case can be characterized by problems that come about as a result of a broken or unbalanced family structure. Sometimes this structure is broken due to parental neglect, abuse, or abandonment. Other times, it may be because of parents who lack healthy boundaries and emotions. Regardless of the cause, these cases often result in broken relationships between children and their parents, as well as friction between the two.Drug Abuse: Drug abuse is another common cause of social problems. It can be the result of abuse of alcohol or other drugs, or the result of dealing with addiction on an ongoing basis. In any case, drug abuse is emotionally devastating for both the individual and his or her immediate family members.Issues of Interpersonal Violence: In some ca ses, domestic violence comes about as a result of conflicts that occur in a relationship. For example, a couple that have had a longstanding struggle with each other over financial issues may start to argue when one of them is denied something he or she wants. Intimate partners are often not able to physically defend themselves against their aggressor.A person with physical disabilities can sometimes be excluded from the positive support systems available to most people. This can exacerbate feelings of depression and anxiety in these individuals, which can in turn cause them to turn to alcohol or drugs as a means of self-medication.Each of these social problems has an underlying cause. Finding the root causes will help you determine what the best way to address the problem is. Researching the best solutions to these problems can provide an overall sense of success when it comes to improving the well-being of individuals. There are many different types of social problems. It's import ant to understand the root causes of these problems, as well as the best ways to handle them. Once you've identified the root causes of these problems, you'll be in a better position to work on solutions that focus on improving each individual's quality of life.Understanding how social problems come about is key to developing effective solutions. You should seek out individuals who have experienced these problems in order to gain insight into the causes and the best way to resolve them.

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Building a Concise Essay Introduction

Building a Concise Essay Introduction The quality of any essay is judged based on its introduction and at this, you need to have a concise introduction for your paper. There are various approaches that you can adopt to achieve this. For example, you can start with a quote, an end of a given story, or even a question. The idea here is to ensure that you have a strong introduction that would hook your readers. This article provides tips and recommendations on how to write a good introduction for any essay. First, you need to be aware of what it takes it have a strong introduction for any essay regardless of the subject or topic. A strong hook right from the first sentence is a must-have. Your opening sentence in the introduction section is very vital as it determines the directionality of the essay. Often, good essay introductions use the hook as a strategy to capture the attention of the readers as opposed to telling the whole story in the introduction section. Second, the claims and arguments that you have ought to have some context. This is whereby you think of information that is relevant for the readers’ understanding of the whole paper but it is not necessary to have such information in the paper. An example of such information might include facts related or unrelated to the subject addressed, or even historical background. Next, make a preview of your paper’s structure. In most of the cases, it is advisable to write the introduction section after you have completed all other sections of the essay. Such a strategy ensures that you have a concise foundation on which your arguments are based. It is advisable, however, to have a general view of the entire essay’s arguments as opposed to previewing all the paragraphs. Lastly, your introduction needs to have a unique thesis statement that is arguable. Ideally, the thesis statement is what holds the paper together; it is the argument that you are passing across to your readers. The best essay introductions have thesis statements that are specific, can be proven, and are striking as such features are what every reader looks for in your thesis statement. Prewriting for your introduction What is a good introduction for an essay? For example, your topic should follow a given angle and this should be identified right from the introduction section. However, the good thing is that by the fact that you are planning on writing the introduction it implies that you are already aware of the subject of your paper. The angle of your essay determines the approach in which you present all your information and arguments in the paper. For this reason, you need to think about the probable questions among your readers as well as the rationale for such questions. Here are a few things to consider while thinking about your introduction: Ensure that you have a ready thesis statement before you start the introduction. Consider the thesis as an assertion as opposed to an observation or fact. Make sure that your readers can establish the stand that you take with respect to the subject you are addressing by just identifying the thesis statement. Next, when thinking about how to write a good introduction for a college essay, you need to give a lot of consideration to your readers. Such recommendation is based on the fact that there might be some information that the readers need that upon inclusion would ensure that your discussion is helpful. In addition, the knowledge about your readers would help you to factor in any background information that aligns with the kind of audience for your paper. As well, understanding your readers would be of much significance in deciding whether or not there are any terms that might require definition to enable the readers understand your topic and arguments much easily. Structuring the introduction What is the appropriate format for your introduction? Often, the best essay introduction starts with a strong hook followed by the background information about your subject, and the presentation of the thesis statement. Here, you need to think about a hook that you find comfortable working with. If you are comfortable starting your introduction with a question or a quote, then that is the ideal hook to use for your paper. In most of the cases, you will be required to offer more explanation to your quotes or questions. Such explanation is also important as far as the strength of the thesis is concerned. Avoiding common pitfalls First, it is a common practice among learners to start their essay with the conclusion and maybe think about changing it later. While this might not be a bad approach at all, it is advisable to change your introduction as your argument evolves. Second, make sure that your introduction contains information that is relevant only; avoid filler and fluff and ensure that you do not generalize anything.

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Avoid These Common FAFSA Mistakes

HomeFinanceFinancial aidAvoid These Common FAFSA MistakesThis page may contain affiliate links.Nov 11, 2019Filling out the FAFSA is one of the most important things you do as you pursue funding for your child’s college education. The FAFSA helps the government and the schools your student considers determine your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), financial need, and much more. As a result, filling it out correctly is vital. It can be overwhelming, so use this checklist to avoid some of the most common FAFSA mistakes. (If you need more assistance, er, hand holding you can watch our FAFSA walk-through that will provide more information AND peace of mind.) 1. Not Filing FAFSA at All The biggest mistake is not to do the FAFSA at all. When you complete the form fully and correctly, you put your student in the best position to receive much-needed financial aid! Many parents dont file FAFSA because they assume they won’t qualify for need-based aid. This can be a mistake because depending on your financial need and the financial aid policies of a school, families may qualify for some financial assistance. Families need to remember that filing the FAFSA gives them access to federal student loans and the option for parents to borrow the Parent PLUS loan. If your student doesnt file FAFSA, they wont be able to borrow Direct Student loans, which are probably the only loans students can borrow that dont require a cosigner and are solely in their name. The Direct loans also offer the lowest interest rates for student loans without a cosigner. Another reason for filing the FAFSA is that some colleges wont offer merit scholarships to a student who hasnt submitted a FAFSA. Though I dont know if the rationale for requiring this is the same at all schools, Ive been told that colleges want to confirm that a student is not eligible for needs-based aid before granting merit-based scholarships. 2. Mixing Up Parent and Student Financial Info Like many forms, the FAFSA can jump around a lot. One moment you’re filling in your income and assets, and the next few questions then ask about your student’s financial details. Getting these confused can cost you a lot of money. Student assets are counted more highly (roughly 20%) than parent financials (which are counted at about 5.64%.) Getting them backward can mean a big jump in your EFC and a huge blow to your financial aid. 3. Disclosing Unneeded Financial Information On the FAFSA, some financial information is not counted. As a result, you don’t need to include these assets in your calculations. If you do include them, you could end up reporting erroneous information on the FAFSA and getting the wrong EFC and financial aid as a result. Here are the financials that parents often mistakenly include: The value of retirement accounts (including 401K, 403B, 457, IRA, SEP, SIMPLE, and more) The cash value of life insurance or annuities The value of your home Business assets if you have less than 100 employees You do have to list your annual qualified plan contributions under untaxed income. You also need to include the equity value of investment properties, and received rent does count as income. Keep in mind that the financial information you need to disclose on the FAFSA is different from that on the CSS or other school forms. Individual colleges may request retirement accounts, value of your home, and more to make their own calculation of your financial need. 4. Making Careless Mistakes There are a lot of careless mistakes that families make. Sometimes these affect the financial results for your family, and sometimes they cause weeks of delays in processing. Here are some of the careless mistakes that are common: Using the parent’s FSA ID to log in and fill out the FAFSA. The parent’s ID is only used to sign the form. The student’s FSA ID should be used to fill out the FAFSA. Parents can also start the FAFSA using the students name, date of birth and SSN. The student will eventually have to use their FSA Id to sign it before submitting. Typos – including mistyped birthdates and the wrong numbers in the social security number. Not hitting submit – if you simply close the browser, you’ve lost all your hard work! Reporting the wrong numbers from your tax form – if you don’t read carefully, you can enter numbers from the wrong lines. Using nicknames like â€Å"Johnny† instead of â€Å"John.† The name won’t match the social security number and the form won’t be processed. Reporting income from the wrong parent if the parents are divorced It’s important to do the FAFSA when you’re fully alert and prepared. Avoid working on it when you’re tired, have a short time until another appointment, or are distracted. In fact, you may want to get a financial professional to look it over and make sure it’s all correct. 5. Not Accepting All Aid You know the box that says, â€Å"Do you want to be considered for work-study and loans?† The answer is always YES! You are not obligated to accept work-study or loans if they are offered as part of a financial aid package. However, if you check no, you may not get the aid you’re looking for. It’s vital to be open to any and all aid. You can decide what to accept and what to turn down once the offer is actually made. 6. Missing Priority Deadlines It’s common for families to get confused when facing a lot of different deadlines. There are application deadlines for the colleges, there are deadlines for private scholarships, and there are deadlines for the FAFSA. If you want the best aid, it’s important to be first in line when it comes to submitting your FAFSA. Look up the â€Å"priority deadline† and make sure you submit by that date. Aid requests that are later may not receive as much assistance. A lot of schools give money on a first come, first serve basis. You can’t afford to miss out by being late! 7. Not Following Up On Financial Aid You should make sure the FAFSA lists every school that your child is applying to. They all need the FAFSA so that they can make a financial aid offer. Once you send the information in, follow up with the school to make sure they received it. Don’t assume – it only takes a few minutes to call and be sure. Knowing where to apply is another important part of the equation. You want schools that are the most likely to give out aid. Looking for help pinpointing those schools? Click here to find the schools that will be more generous with their money.